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The NIKE project was an intervention we made from 2006 to 2012, initially aimed at nurturing a core group of young indigenous knowledge (IK) holders who can continue long-held indigenous knowledge (IK) systems and practices. This young group would then serve as the link to the next generation.  It was an important step to arrest the deterioration of the Philippine Rice Terraces World Heritage Site, which had endured the test of time because of the sustained transmission of indigenous knowledge systems of the Ifugao people.  The loss of indigenous knowledge and the weakened transmission system were some of the identified causes of the physical decline of the rice terraces.


The core group of IK bearers that we wanted to nurture as connectors of knowledge have become us, the young ones then, who worked on this project. In recent years, almost all of our elders who we have sought for knowledge and wisdom have passed on. They advised us both in content and manner.  One by one we watched them go. We take comfort that they have seen us work towards the continuation of knowledge.  But what we realized today is that we have become the repositories of knowledge.  We have become the elders. Some of the younger ones who involved themselves in this project went ahead, too. We honor them as we keep our knowledge alive and useful.

As the current generation of indigenous knowledge (IK) holders, we continue to expand efforts to promote, transmit, and utilize indigenous knowledge for cultural heritage protection, environmental management, and disaster risk reduction.  


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